Transcontinetal Rum Line Guadeloup 2013

Veil. Horecapris eks. mva

Destillert 1. januar 2013, var denne versjonen først i et tropisk klima til 1. desember 2016 og deretter i nesten et år i kontinentalt klima.

Begrenset opplag.


Smaksnotater fra produsent

Appearance : golden yellow.

Nose : refined, distinguished. A true cornucopia of fruit (Mirabelle plum, pineapple, pear, lemon), the initial nose is extremely voluptuous. Very subtle notes of sugar cane beautifully prolong this moment of pure pleasure. Allowed to breathe, new fruits appear (apple, peach) along with heady florals (lily, iris). Increasingly milky (coconut), it quickly moves closer to the spirit that brought it to life.

Palate : rich, powerful. The very vegetal (sugar cane) and spicy (cinnamon, star anise) attack reveals impressive personality and minerality. The very jammy (Mirabelle plum, greengage plum) mid-palate is also roasted and lush (sage, verbena). With generosity and freshness, it lingers on exotic fruit (plantain banana, pineapple) and freshly cut grass. The end of the palate evokes smooth artichoke hearts.

Overall : long, oily. With huge concentration, the finish becomes one with notes of new spirit fresh off the still. Boasting exquisite lemon and menthol freshness, it lingers with fresh tobacco and grated ginger. The retro-nasal olfaction wavers between acidic lime and creamy almond milk. The empty glass restores the intensely fruity character of its olfactory presages.

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Transcontinental Rum Line (TCRL), er en serie vintage rom fra La Maison du Whisky, en av Frankrikes største innen import og distribusjon av sjeldne whisky.