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CASK has a strong organization in all sales channels in our market, with highly motivated and knowledgeable employees. All employees have a genuine passion for our products and the business in general. At CASK we like working with producers that focus on quality, think long term and have a true story tell.

To work in any of the CASK companies is like being part of a large family. With great passion we strive to communicate the heart and soul of every one of our products. In order to achieve this, we need to work closely with our producers, getting to know them and making them part of our ever growing family.

"At CASK we are dedicated to deliver an outstanding selection of quality beverages to the consumers and customers through a close, personal, responsible and successful relationship with our partners" - Marius Vestnes, CEO CASK

The People -  Their passion, energy and commitment

When working with CASK you don't just get a company name, or just a recognized and well respected company in the trade. What you get is the people, their passion, energy and commitment. We focus on delivering the best quality, service and knowledge in the Scandinavian market. We strive to define the trends in the market and aim to be two steps ahead of our competitors.

It´s personal!