Experience and knowledge

After more than 10 years in the trade CASK has strong track record for building brands in our markets and unique experience on how to achieve success for our partners. Since the early days we have focused on being strong in all sales channels and have built up good relationships with the needed partners and customers. CASK aim to have highly motivated and knowledgeable employees, and we constantly strive to improve ourselves and further educate everyone in our field of work. For us this is not just work – It´s personal!


Innovation and carefully selected portfolio

Innovation and daring to do things our own way has been a key success factor for CASK. The world and our markets are changing fast, and we aim to be in forefront of the everchanging trends. CASK shall be present on most of the important trade fairs and festivals around the world to get inspiration, see the latest trends, discuss with our partners and also build new relationships. We want to work with products and producers we love, and that we believe complement each other in our portfolio. It is essential for us that our partners deliver quality, are authentic and has a story to tell.


Strong professional partner Logistics, Business Intelligence and Quality control

In CASK we believe it is essential to have as much good information as possible. The more quality information we are able to source and analyze, the better strategies and decisions we are able make. Over the last years CASK has therefore invested heavily in strengthening our back office on logistics, business intelligence, finance and quality control. This has enabled us to become a better partner for our producers and customers.


“At CASK we are dedicated to deliver an outstanding selection of quality beverages to the consumers and customers through a close, personal, responsible and successful relationship with our partners”


“CASK has a strong organization in all sales channels in our markets, with highly motivated and knowledgeable employees. All employees have a genuine passion for our products and the business in general. We like working with producers that focus on quality, think long term and have a true story to tell. To work in any of the CASK companies is like being part of a large family. With great passion we strive to communicate the heart and soul of every one of our products. In order to achieve this, we need to work closely with our producers, getting to know them and making them part of our ever-growing family.” 


If  you have any questions about us, our portefolio or anyhting else send us an e-mail at mail@casknorway.no